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If you created a new product format, it is essential to register the industrial design, after all, your company has invested a lot of time and resources to develop it. Industrial Design protects ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a three-dimensional object or an ornamental (two-dimensional) pattern, that is, they refer only to the external configuration and appearance that the deference of the others.

Guarantee the right to industrial design of your product

Multmarcas Marcas e Patentes understands that the world is increasingly living in a competitive economy, which values ​​intellectual and industrial property. Thus, so that your company can grow and have a competitive advantage in relation to its products, the company offers the "Industrial Design Registration" service so that your company can safeguard the rights on ornamental aspects that involve its intellectual property.

Multmarcas' team of specialized professionals is able to register a wide variety of products from the industry in general, such as furniture, technical and medical instruments, watches, jewelry, toys, textile prints, sports equipment, among other products that are novelties, originals and have industrial application.

Make your industrial design registration request now!

Increase commercial value and avoid copies of your products

Through the registration of industrial design, its products gain high commercial value, since they attract the attention of its target audience. Most consumers are attracted to products with characteristics that relate to their aesthetic aspect. When securing your rights, your business will have full ownership, during the term, to prevent third parties from manufacturing, selling, importing, using or selling a product with the same external configuration as yours.


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